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More about hosting companies is discussed here.

With all these programs running and your database changing and all the operations having a website imply, there are companies specialized in providing Servers to host your website, we call these Hosting Companies as your website is a guest to them. These companies provide all the servers with the best optimizations they can so your website runs fast and reliable all the time. You do not strictly need to rent a hosting plan but it is by far the best option as maintenance and optimizations is what they do best, from one of our partner hosting companies we learned that they have over 10 thousand optimizations in place from a standard installation so unless you know how to accomplish these 10 thousand optimizations to your server I suggest you pay the $8/month.

Whatever hosting company you choose make sure it complies with the [phpfox requirements] to make sure you will have a nice experience. Certain modules/sections depend on specific settings.

If your website is hosted somewhere in internet (you hired a hosting company) you must have gotten at least one user to access your Hosting Account. With this user you can create FTP users (or your hosting company probably already created one for you), create databases, create database users, etc. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, it is what mostly everybody uses for copying files and folders from the local computers to the internet computers, and since we dont know or care exactly where is our website's server the general idea is that it is "up in internet" so we call this process "uploading" (copying files from our local computers to the internet computers)
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