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Okay I'm going to break down a little bit here, because I'm usually the girl that's tough and happy. Well I'm not anymore, not after having Bronson and unrelenting PPD due to a horrible anesthetized emergency c section, bad hormones too... and ask anyone I have a monster pain tolerance!!! We named him Bronson Dane because we knew he wouldn't come out kickin' and spittin' and at 16 hours,the 10lbs little lad was pulled out surgically.. the nurses got tired of holding him. Well as time goes by the pediatrician starts to comment--trying hard not to make me nervous but I knew exactly what he was saying-- these scary things, and we see specialists and hear plagiocephany, craniosynostosis, abnormal plate movement and size, brachycephaly. So we knew what we were getting into...but we wanted everything for him. I've awoken to him unresponsive, comatose a few times now. The ER knows us. We got the custom $4000 orthotic helmet, Ive taken out so many credit cards it's my only option! I'm a stay at home mom, and my husband is a firefighter risking his life for 9.33 per hour. We live with my dad. I have become an extreme cheapskate. When you open up bills that say 47,000...I just throw it on the table. I cant even read it. We got married in the living room, never went to Ireland like we dreamed of for a honeymoon, but our life revolves around B.I know everyone has it really hard right now and I feel guilty for signing up for this. But after all B was a surprise and a good one...but man..what a year it has been. All I'm asking for is what you can go without, because I know my leeway is ZERO! Change, pennies! Anything will help us and we will be eternally thankful. Thanks friends. I love you.

Miles, Cassie and Baby Bronson Perkins
oh, and our furbaby Baloo too!

Location: charleston sc, Viet Nam

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