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Sweet Angel

Category : Immigrant Rights


A sweet, five-year-old Angel lost everything the night of November 20th, 2013. Her mother, father and three month old little brother were taken from her in an unfathomable tragedy (article here). I am one of her neighbors. My son and I waited for the bus with the little Angel every day. Our community is reeling from the loss, but my thoughts turn again and again to our Angel, and the challenges she now faces. I know money can't fix everything, but even $5 can make a difference to the life of this little girl. The fund amount will go to our Angel's probate attorney who was decided upon by both sides of the family, which means the money will go to the direct needs of this sweet little girl. We're keeping our Angel's name private at the moment due to intense press scrutiny surrounding the horrific events of the 20th. My prayers go out to her parents and little brother, her extended family, and our community. We're so very sorry for the loss that so many are feeling and are so very grateful for any support for our sweetheart. Please share this site with others if you can.

Location: New market, MD, Viet Nam

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